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Brian Vanderburgh Las Vegas: What it Takes to Succeed in Construction Management

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Brian Vanderburgh Las Vegas has built a successful career in construction management and business. He is a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada and is the owner of VDB Consulting and VDB Properties. He says that he is “experienced in supervising and details of the particular parts of a project from conceptual construction schematics through all phases of design, related to implementation and erection for structural and infrastructure elements, analysis of all scopes of work, evaluation of codes and regulations with local governmental departments, to tracking closeout procedures and monthly and final payment assessments.”

Building a successful career in construction management often requires hard work, knowledge, and dedication. One tip for building your career is to gain the experience you need. You should understand how a construction site works, and what it takes to see a project through to the end.

Another tip is to start networking. As a construction manager, you will need to find clients on a regular basis. You may only work with a client on one project, while you may work with another client on multiple projects. Networking can help you keep a steady stream of clients and projects.

A third tip is to earn certifications. If you want to work as a construction manager, you will need a certification from the Construction Management Association of America. You can earn an Estimating Certification as well. Brian Vanderburgh Las Vegas has been honing his skills as a construction manager and a business owner for many years.

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